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Upgrading Septic Tanks or Cesspits

Bioflow Watercare has systems that you can add to an existing septic tank or cesspit to convert them into wastewater treatment plants, which are more environmentally friendly than your traditional Septic Tanks.

1,200 Litre Extra Chamber with Aeration System.
This system adds an extra 1,200 litres chamber and aeration system to an existing septic tank.
Cost including fitting starts from €1,250 + vat
Pump Chamber and Aeration System    This system comprises of an aeration system to be installed in the septic tank, an extra tank to be connected to the septic tank which contains a discharge pump to pump to the percolation area. The air compressor is housed above the pump chamber tank.
Cost including fitting starts from €850 + vat
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If you have a Cesspool Tank and do not have room for a percolation area the BusseMF Membrane Treatment can treat your wastewater to a reusable standard.

Membrane Treatment System