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The BusseMF Membrane System

The BusseMF  Microfiltration sewage treatment system is an advance world leading  system in which the treat water is of such a high standard that in can be reuse as service water and even with extra treatment drinkable water.

Bioflow Sewage Treatment

Upgrading Septic Tank

Bioflow Watercare have a system that you can add to an existing septic tank to convert it  into a wastewater treatment plant making it environmental friendly.

Upgrade Septic Tank

Oil/ Petrol Separators

Bioflow Watercare can provide Oil and Petrol separators and other products.

Membrane Treatment System

Bioflow Watercare are in the developing stage of a new range of sewage treatment system for populations from 4 people to 300 people. We currently have a number 25pe in the ground and work very well.

Tricel Bio System Membrane Treatment System Oil Separators Tricel Bio System