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Membrane Filtration System

The  BusseMF is a world leading Membrane Sewage Treatment System  which can treat  domestic waste to a safe standard that it can be reuse as service water and with extra treatment even drinkable water. The system has been tested in German in according to DIN 4261 Part 2 certification (Z-55.3-60) was granted in  June 2001.

The BusseMF Membrane Sewage Treatment System has been tested to  European Standard EN 12566-3 for wastewater treatment and achieved a removal rate of 96.8% COD, 99.7% BOD5, 99.5% SS, 97.9% NH4-N, 99.99% Fecal Coli-forms, and with extra Phosphor treatment it remove 98.1% of the Phosphor.

For temporary or permanent use Bioflow Watercare has Membrane Sewage Treatment System in a 20' Container. One 20' Container system combined with a primary tank and a buffer tank can treat sewage to a maximum daily flow of up to 7.2m3. The primary tank should hold a days flow and the buffer tank is need for peak flows. The effluent from the Container system is highly purified.

The BusseMF is the ideal system for site that do not have enough room for a standard percolation area.