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Percolation testing

Percolation testing checks whether a site is suitable for a treatment tank. The rate clear water seeps into the soil is measured and this is used to determine whether the ground is suitable for a treatment tank.

Bioflow Watercare have started compiling a directory of professionals who will carry out Percolation tests. We will put you in contact with someone who provides a Percolation testing service in your area if you contact Stephen Reynolds by email or phone 01 2964047. You are also welcome to contact us if you require more information.

If you offering a professional Percolation testing service please get in contact Stephen Reynolds by email or phone 01 2964047.

The following information is required for the Complete report. Please make sure you send the required information with the request. Missing or incomplete requests may create delays in processing Site Suitability Reports:

Full Name, Residential Address, Site Location & Contact number of the Applicant

Max. no. of residents, no. of single & double bedrooms in the proposed dwelling

Site Layout Plan

50 Gallons of water should be available on site on the day of test

3 Holes of the following specification to be dug by the client on the site and should be left open for 48 hours before the test:

One Water table hole (2.1m deep, 2.0m wide, 1.0m long)

Two T-Test holes (0.9m deep, 1.0m wide, 2.0m long)